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Biccard, Ronnie

My journey as an artist began when I was a child. Growing up as the much younger of four daughters meant being alone most of the time. I spent a lot of my time using my creativity and imagination to keep me company. My art is a celebration of love, life, romance, women, music and happiness. The people and places that surround me inspire me. My work is a collaboration of vibrant colours, fluid and abstracted figures and hidden symbols. I have embraced many different mediums throughout my career, however; my technique lends itself best to acrylic paints. I enjoy focusing on subjects that evoke feelings happiness and joy. I feel that the vibrancy of colour in my work is an expression of who I am as an artist and a woman.

My subject matter is universal and connects with people from all over the globe. I have exhibited in places such as Florida, New York and London and collectors from places such as Australia, Europe, the USA, the UK and Africa.

The energetic lines within my artwork create a feeling of movement. This connects my figures to music and their musical instruments, a theme that is so relevant in my artwork. Music is an inspiration to me and I try to capture its beauty in a visual sense. My hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, is another source of inspiration for my vision as an artist. The powerful feeling that emanates from my surroundings holds a deep impression in my work. I have been lucky enough to travel many countries and live in wonderful parts of the world. These places have also influenced my artwork. Beautiful landscapes, quirky and crooked old buildings, vibrant flora and fauna, mountain and ocean views all inspire me. Personal relationships are another source that I like to draw from. As a mother, sister, wife and daughter I feel that woman play an integral role in my work. Many of my artworks include women. I feel that they are my sisters, daughters, mothers and goddesses. Freedom of expression is evident in my work as I adhere to no rules of perspective and structure. Patterns, texture, boldness of colour, linear detail, organic and geometric shape are all evident in my work. I believe in the freedom of painting without borders or limitations. My work has been a journey and an inspiration for many people and its impact is evident in the joy it brings them.