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Ingham Grey, Debbie

Cape Town born and bred Debbie Ingham Grey, was raised steeped in beautiful music of many genres and in the appreciation of art and the creation thereof. Her artist father Christopher Roodt enjoyed the mediums of oil and pastel, creating his works of photo realism; from portraits to landscapes.

Debbie has in the last two years come into her own, succumbing to the history of her familial gene pool and responding to her urge to create interesting works. Favouring at this stage the use of acrylics as her medium.

Debbie's aim in her work, is to create thought provoking pieces that moves one to be introspective, to be challenged and to be inspired.

Typically Debbie enjoys painting the body and its movement, abstract visionary scenes and also marine life.

She has a particular aptitude for colour and tonality, and enjoys working in sharp acid yellows and the many hues of turquoise and cerulean blues.

This burgeoning artist has a fresh quirky style, sporting texture and surprising colour.

Debbie makes use of the brush, the palette knife and her fingers to create her works.