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Munro, -

Munro’s career started early one morning in 1998, when God gave a young artist a new name and a new career. Unable to find any paint brushes lying around, he turned to builders’ trowels. Lavishing copious amounts of paint and colour onto canvas, Munro pioneered a new style of painting. The art market fell in love with his art, and his works became an overnight art sensation. In 2005 a Munro figure study-cum-portrait sold at a Matla A Bana charity auction for R100 000. This highlighted the investment value of his art, and caused a sharp increase in the overall prices of Munro paintings. In 2009, when Munro retired from being a full-time artist, almost 11 000 Munro paintings had been sold. To date, almost 12 000 Munro paintings have been sold, making Munro thé best-selling South African artist. Munro paintings are all catalogued, and in more recent years, photographed as well.

Munro currently works from his studio in Melkbosstrand. He is a family man and a devoted believer, who gives God the glory for his career. Munro avoids the lime light, and has never taken part in any art competition. He also prefers not to  attend any of his exhibitions. His works are mostly sold through galleries and art dealers.