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Dawn B, Candice

After graduating from the Johannesburg school of art in 1992, Candice Dawn B gave free reign to her wide talent in photography with the occasional commissioned work. Within a few years a more driven and disciplined approach to painting evolved. She is now a full time artist.

Candice Dawn B’s dramatically creative work has a passionate, flamboyant quality. Its sensuality and liberality of composition reflects her early exposure to the disciplines of drama, music and ballet when she studied Art, and even her involvement in Martial Arts, which she taught for many years. Candice’s work has a clear energy about it which comes from her own adventurousness, the pleasure she gets out of life, and her warm exuberant personality.

Candice has developed unique heavily embossed, opulent, abstract works which were drawn from her love of the baroque with textured filigree, and deep rich colours. These works, created with multi-media such as gold, silver and copper leaf, resins, glazes and oils, have an aura of the Italian Renaissance, and even something of Shakespearian drama, with their sensual physicality.

Candice has a signature “dog”; she says she has her own internal jury. Like a dog, sometimes we find it difficult to let go of the battle. We all have our own dark secret heart, the place we find solace and will. She has used the image of the dog or hound as a symbol of our basic ability to trust implicitly, but fight for our own.

Expressionist? Yes. Abstracted? Sometimes. This is an emergent fine artist who will wear the mantle of celebrated master in time. She has art works in many of the top art galleries in the Western Cape. Collect now and rejoice in future appreciation.