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Louw, Winifred

Winifred Louw is an enthusiastic and colourful person who is passionate about art.
Her talents involve painting, sculpturing, creative writing and poetry.

Although she pursued painting from a young age, her career as an artist started in Swellendam under the care and teaching of Wendy Martell, previously from the Michaelis Art School in Cape Town. She took part in a number of exhibitions. Her art however is mostly sold through reliable and well known galleries.

Winifred lived in Canada for a year (2000) where she very soon established herself as a much loved and well supported artist under the Canadians and ex South Africans. During this time she was invited to take part in an international exhibition.  She is an Impressionistic artist well known for her romantic paintings of the French and Italian countrysides. She loves bright colours but can also work in a paler palette as seen in her series of female nudes.

After about 10 years of oil on canvas she started sculpuring under the auspesis of Mari-Louise Radziville. To pursue her sculpturing career she visited Florence and Rome where she also bought her sculpturing tools from the Poggi shop, a very sought after business supplying specially handmade carving tools to the sculpturing fraternity. Her success in this medium is complementing her success as an Impressionistic artist and she is currently working on a new series portraying the romantic theme of "Loving relationships".

Working from her home studio she has the privilege to be available to her two teenage girls and living out her artistic dreams at the same time.  Winifred is a truly inspired person and has a trained eye to find beauty in the ordinary.