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Welgemoed, Elzette

Elzette was born in the Strand, Western Cape, on the 5th of July in 1966. She matriculated at High School Strand and went to college to study ceramics. Elzette started painting in 1990 and in 1998 painting became her career. She is married with three children: Johan, Stephanie, Jozette as well as a grandchild, Juan. Prof. Hans du Plessis describes her work as a creative interpretation of reality.

Elzette already started her dealings with chickens at the age of 3. You'll note they are almost a second signature in each of her paintings. Her passion for coffee shops is evident in her many cheerful works of art (reviewed in many magazines and tv programs). She won two awards for creative work, paints in mixed mediums and also sculptures in wood and clay. The atmosphere in coffee shops is an endless source of inspiration for her.