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Van Wyk, Bert

Bert van Wyk was born on the 12th of May 1958 in Florida.

12 Years ago he could no longer contain his artistic streak and took up art lessons with well known artist Pieter Millard. Only four years after this Bert van Wyk started painting professionally full time. He started with the usual, flowers and landscapes, but it was only after spending an intensive three hours with his mentor, the great Adriaan Boshoff, learning, getting tips and advice, that his work truly came to fruition. From that moment on he ate, slept and thought only art, and the wonderful impressionist style of Adriaan.

Over the years his style has matured and grown to world class impressionist quality, and his popularity has grown with buyers and investors alike. He has become quite a prolific worker, working on between 5 to 7 paintings at once, and the themes of his paintings are usually from photographs of family and friends, in the preferred medium of oil.