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Slingsby, Robert

Robert Slingsby was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1955. He discovered as a small child both his talent for drawing and his affinity for Africa in the form of rock-art and artefacts.

By the time Robert left school he was ready to have his first solo exhibition at a prestigious gallery. With a need to further his education, he left for Holland to study at the Vrije Akademie in Den Haag for five years. With over twenty one-man exhibitions to his credit in this highly art literate society, he returned to South Africa. Even from those early days, he seemed to be at the forefront of trends.

Over the decades various phases in his art can be recognized. Initially he may have been regarded as a surrealist, inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali. Following that was a period of Hyperrealism where he was acknowledged as being one of Holland's top "Fyn-schilders". Back in Africa he was able to rekindle his love of the African desert and rock art.

To understand Roberts work he invites his audience to trace their roots back to the ancients and even further, to the beginning of man and their first engravings on rocks. He has documented these original symbols and geometric spiral depictions by recording their history and the mystery behind them in his powerful paintings. Roberts work is full of energy and was originally portrayed in his blatant use of colour and thickness of paint allowing the surface to be engraved so that every line led you into the depth of his painting asking you to explore the mystery behind the conception of the geometric spirals and brutal but ever evolving beautiful Africa which he loves so much.

Robert is an articulate, colourful and knowledgeable man, whose creative courage has even influenced the style of everything he surrounds himself with. The dynamism and depth of his art has led him to be recognised by academics and galleries worldwide.

He has been invited to participate in exhibitions as far afield as United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and many parts of Europe. His work has proved to be a dialogue that is universally accepted.

Robert is in collections, both public and private worldwide. These include a variety of collections such as the Deutshe Bank, Department of Foreign Affairs, Investec, SASOL, Pietersburg Art Museum, Bundesbank in Germany, South African Reserve Bank, Pepsico, Witwatersrand University Collection and the personal collection of the famous family of Wyeth artists, amongst many others.