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Macintosh, Rob

Rob Macintosh displays enormous diversity in his work.  Within the broad divisions of wildlife, landscape and seascape, he explores a multiplicity of subject matter.  At the root of Rob's work is his passion for art, for the outdoors and for the work and interpration of many of his principal influences.

Rob works predominantly in oils but enjoys merging this medium with acrylic in a mixed media style that has become his own.  His fascination for fine detail is a signature of his work.  A strict adherence to anatomical accuracy has always been a feature of Rob's work, and has developed into an uncanny sense of form and detail.  This preoccupation with detail has drifted from hyper-realism to photo-realism.  The quality of his work owes much to this challenge of achieving of perfection. 

His work is classified as photorealist, but as an accomplished practitioner of his art, a good painter will always remain a good painter!

Rob Macintosh holds a respected place among South African and American artists.  His work has an international essence.  With maturity that comes years of experience and experimentation, his work has both a classic and contemporary flavour in a manner both distinct and striking, yet subtle and understated.