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Allum, Caro

Caro Allum was featured in the Cape Times newspaper's "Artist in the House" in August 2006.  "I love the fact that I am able to bring people pleasure and enjoyment through my art", says the up-and-coming artist.  "My work is about a feeling, it's not a judgment, it's a flow of energy."

In 2006, the artist also appeared on a show called "Free Spirit" on local television channel SABC3, where she explored the various shapes, colours and textures that she has become known for.

She has also done various corporate commissions, such as Vodaword Centre in Johannesburg and Peregrine Quant Investors in Newlands Cape Town.

Says the artist, "My inspiration comes from so many forms, it is an accumulation of experiences and emotions that consume me until I can no longer hold out and begin to reach for my paint.  This is where the excitement begins, the artwork becomes an emotional expression through the medium of paint, the process of combining various mixed mediums result in some very interesting alchemy and effects.  Dipping into a selection of varnishes, glazes, enamels, dyes, glues and textured plaster, the final artwork is only going to add energy and excitement to a space.  The aim of my works is to speak to you in a way that words may not."