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Doran, Lucy

Lucy Doran is a self taught artist with a God given talent.  Born in Pretoria, South Africa, her earlist memories are of the enjoyment of putting pencil to paper.  

Sketching remained only a hobby at which she became more and more skilled.  It was only after her the birth of her two children (around 1976) that the strong urge to paint found expression in the medium of watercolour.

Loving the translucency of the medium Lucy explored the themes of South African landscapes and flowers learning to master the techniques of this difficult medium.  She soon began to successfully exhibit her work and also started to teach drawing, pastel and watercolour painting for a number of years.

After a break of some years she decided her desire to paint much larger works needed a change to oil-paint as her chosen medium…. This provided her with many new techniques to explore as well as the many possibilities of mixed media.  However she retained some of the characteristics of watercolour by using the oil paint in a very fluid form in the initial stages of painting.  

Various themes emerged in her work but her main focus through the years has been ‘light’ as this has spiritual significance to her.  The influence of light in her painting is of prime importance to her.  She enjoyed painting really large works, the largest of which is a mural of 30 x 5 metres for a church in Pretoria.

In the 1990’s she started a small art school and for the next 6 years taught a curriculum that took the students through a 3 year course.  Some of her students, on completing the course, resigned their jobs to become full time artists, prompting her to do the same.

Lucy’s late husband, Kevin was a great lover of the African bush and Lucy soon shared this passion.  Together they would visit the game parks in Eastern South Africa as often as possible.  Someone approached her for wildlife paintings for an Expo overseas and a love affair began.  

From the late 1990’s her main theme has been wildlife.  In 1995 she  approached Chris Tugwell Gallery to exhibit her work.  At their next group exhibition she was one of the best sellers.